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CI5X Series Impact Crushers

CI5X series impact crusher is a new generation of coarse and medium crushed products designed to meet customers needs for high profit, low cost, energy saving and consumption reduction. It is the guarantee for large-volume production line c

Mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical, cement, refractory material, etc.


Model Specifications (mm) Feed opening (mm) Max. feed size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Power (kW) Weight (t) Dimensions (mm)
CI5X1315 Φ1300×1500 1540×930 600 250-350 250 20 2880×2755×2560
CI5X1520 Φ1500×2000 2040×520 (2040×995) 350(700) 400-600 2×250 (2×200) 30 3390×3520×2790
CI5X1415 Φ1400×1500 1540×1320 900 350-550 250 24 2995×2790×3090
CI5X1620 Φ1600×2000 2040×1630 1100 500-900 2×200 42 3485×3605×3720
CI5X2023 Φ2000×2300 2400×1920 1300 1200-2000 2×500 76 4890×4380×4765
  • additives for strenghten cement block
  • additives for strenghten cement block

    6 Ways to Use Cement Additives

  • additives for strenghten cement block
  • 3 Ways to Reinforce Concrete
  • 6 Ways to Use Cement Additives
  • Seven Must-Use Concrete Admixtures (Additives)

    ApplicationsBenefitsAdvantagesSet retarding concrete admixtures are used to delay the chemical reaction that takes place when the concrete starts the setting process. These types of concrete admixtures are commonly used to reduce the effect of high temperatures that could produce a faster initial setting of concrete. Set retarding admixtures are used in concrete pavement construction, allowing more time for finishing concrete pavements, reducing additional costs to place a new concrete batch plant on the job site and helps eliminate cold jo
  • The Home Depot
  • cement block additives

    additives for strenghten cement block

  • Chemical Admixtures

    Sometimes, effects similar to those achieved through the addition of admixtures can be achieved by altering the concrete mixture-reducing the water-cement ratio, adding additional cement, using a different type of cement, or changing the aggregate and aggregate gradation. Five Functions Admixtures are classed according to function.

  • Strengthening Concrete
  • Strengthening Concrete
  • Understanding Concrete, Cement, and Mortar
  • High-Strength Concrete

    These materials impart additional strength to the concrete by reacting with portland cement hydration products to create additional C-S-H gel, the part of the paste responsible for concrete strength. It would be difficult to produce high

  • What chemical additives can I add to my normal cement,

    1) Cement (yes, it is a chemical) 2) A water reducer, or superplasticiser in an effort to reduce the water/cement ratio 3) A more optimised particle size distribution in the sand, also potentially reducing the W/C ratio (sand is a chemical too). T...

  • Mortar Mixing Tips and Amounts

    Mortar is the bonding material between bricks, concrete block, stone, and many other masonry materials. It is made from Portland cement, lime, sand, and water in varying ratios. Each of the standard mortar mixes—Types N, M, S, and

  • Polymer soil stabilization
  • DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture GCP Applied

    2019-10-09  DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture, part of the DRY-BLOCK® System, is formulated based on a patented technology. It is a liquid, integral water-repellent, bond-enhancing admixture for masonry mortar. Tests demonstrate that DRY-BLOCK® Mortar Admixture increases the flexural bond of both Portland cement/Lime and Masonry cement mortars to CMUs.

  • Which admixture increase the strength of concrete?
  • Bonding To Existing Concrete Sakrete

    Fact: Fresh wet concrete does not normally bond well to existing dry concrete. Do you remember elementary school where one of the subjects on which you were graded was “plays well with others”? Concrete would have gotten an F. There is nothing in basic portland cement

  • Can additives be mixed into joint compound?

    USG does not endorse the use of additives in USG joint compounds for the following reasons: An additive can adversely affect the unique balance of the many performance attributes each joint compound has been formulated to provide.

  • Concrete, Cement Masonry Kent Building

    Browse our full assortment of Concrete, Cement Masonry. Ship to your home or buy online and pickup in-store.

  • GlobMarble
  • Mortar (masonry)
  • Cement Additives For Block Making, Cement Additives

    Alibaba offers 354 cement additives for block making products. About 1% of these are leather auxiliary agents, 1% are electronics chemicals, and 1% are petroleum additives. A wide variety of cement additives for block making options are available to you, such as coating auxiliary agents, petroleum additives, and water treatment ...


    Lime stone deposits, additives, ... Since 1983, Oman Cement Company has symbolized Oman's drive for self-reliance in core industries. We Have given new strength to the construction industry, consolidated the nation's efforts for infrastructure development and created resources to achieve self-sufficiency.

  • What Is Cement Backer Board and How Is It Used?

    Due to cement board's strengthening additives, these sheets are far stronger and more dimensionally stable than site-built mortar beds. Most significant, though, is the reduction of on-site drying time, as cement backer board is dried in the factory. Sizes and Base Materials .

  • Masonry and Cement Products Buying Guide

    Surface-Bonding Cement Preblended combination of fine sand, fiberglass and Portland cement: Good adhesive, weather- and water-resistant properties: Waterproofs and strengthens porous masonry walls Rehabilitate existing cracked or damaged walls Can be used for new construction of dry-stacked (without mortar) cement block

  • liquid additives formulation for cement manufacture

    liquid additives formulation of cement grinding. Cement Additives suppliers, Cement Additives manufacturers, Cement Additives exporters, Cement Additives producers,, Auracem 604 is a liquid dispersing agent, for use as a grinding aid and performance enhancer for the production of portland and limestone cements, Cemax 441 is an additive with a ...

  • Strength development in concrete with wood ash blended

    In this study, Wood Ash (WA) prepared from the uncontrolled burning of the saw dust is evaluated for its suitability as partial cement replacement in conventional concrete. The saw dust has been acquired from a wood polishing unit. The physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of WA

  • How to Clean Cinder Block Basement Walls Hunker

    Since many basements contain high moisture levels, they are often installed with cement cinder block walls. Mold and mildew spores flourish in basements that are dim, warm, damp and poorly lit. Thin black and white fungi growth spreads over cement

  • How to Mix Sand and Cement for bricklaying step by step

    2016-09-09  How to Mix sand and Cement for bricklaying, Mixing mortar by hand is obviously harder work than mixing cement by electric mixer but when we hand mix mortar its for small jobs, hope this bricklaying tutorial video helps you in some way, thanks for your time. hope you enjoy :) stu

  • 作者: stu crompton
  • Powerflex: Commercial Cement Additive: Crommelin:

    Powerflex® is a rubber polymer cement additive developed to improve the strength, adhesion, and chemical/moisture resistance of cement screeds, mortars and renders. Cement mortars based on Powerflexwill adhere to a wide range of materials such as metals, timber, insulation foams as well as new and old concrete.

  • What actually happens if I vary proportions of cement

    2019-09-20  "Mortar is a cement/sand/water (and usually lime) mixture designed for laying up masonry units like cement block, stone or brick. Mortar is "sticky" so it adheres to the block, stone or brick. Concrete is designed to stand alone." While I am sure I have not covered all of the factors here, this should give you an idea.

  • How to Make Lightweight Concrete Blocks

    2010-08-13  From privacy screens to walkways and even outdoor fireplaces, concrete blocks have many uses around the home. However, traditional concrete blocks are often awkward to handle and can be unsuitable for certain projects

  • Sakrete
  • Making Thin Repairs to Damaged Concrete
  • Concrete Bonding Adhesive QUIKRETE: Cement and

    SEALERS, ADDITIVES CLEANERS. Concrete Bonding Adhesive. QUIKRETE® Concrete Bonding Adhesive (No. 9902) permanently bonds new concrete, plaster, and stucco to existing concrete, plaster, and stucco. Eliminates the need for roughing the surface before the application. Exceeds the performance requirements of ASTM C 1059 Type I and II.

  • cement additive
  • Additives
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